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If you have your own astronomy based site, please contact us for a link exchange, we will happilly post your link/banner with a little explanatory text and all we ask is that you reciprocate.

An absolutely excellent free and open source planetarium software, you need this!
REGISTAX Free software for stacking images and AVI's.
AVISTACK Avi stacking software.
Bolton Astro Society The website for Bolton Astronomical Society.
Deep-Sky.Co.UK David Ratledge's astro imaging site, some very nice pics and projects.
S.P.A The Society for Popular Astronomy. A great resource for anyone interested in the hobby.
GKAstro George Kristiansen's personal astro and photography site.
SHEDOLOGY Home page of one of our members, a site dedicated to all things shed, an absolutely brilliant read!
BackyardEOS The brilliant astro imaging software aimed at Canon cameras, developed by Guylain Rochon.



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