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You're going to need suppliers for any materials you need for your projects however strange! Below is a list of suppliers of various 'bits and bobs' from cables to collimators. The suppliers listed below are those that are highly recommended or have had consistently good feedback and could be anything from full sized companies to one man bands. The only way anybody gets onto this list is by offering a quality product and good service at an excellent price.


Rother Valley Optics

Rother Valley Optics are in my opinion the best astronomy suppliers in the UK, consistently supplying top class product and service at the right price.


Bitsbox is an online electronics and component supplier, I have used them many times and have no hesitation in recommending them.


Billetparts is Wayne Weedon's engineering company, he makes a number of quality astro products including the very best webcam adapters.

Modern Astronomy

Bernard at Modern Astronomy has a reputation for offering superb customer service and advice whatever your needs. He also stocks a lot of equipment others don't.

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